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SCDA Script Discount

How the scheme works

SCDA operates a script ordering scheme which provides members and member clubs with discounts on
orders placed with a wide range of publishers :-

  • StageScripts = 25% off play scripts and free postage
  • Cressrelles = 33.33% discount
  • Concord = 10% discount

Please contact HQ for a quote for specific titles and publishers.
Some scripts now “Print on Demand ” which means that no printed copies are kept in stock but are printed as required. This can lead to longer lead times so please make sure your order your scripts in
plenty of time.

To obtain your discount, you must order via HQ.

  1. Orders must be placed using this order form and the form must be returned to HQ by
  2. Please use a separate order form for each title (NB: all orders placed at the same time by a club will be counted as one order irrespective of publisher.)
  3. Orders with all publishers are placed on the day they are received (or the first working day after).
  4. Clubs will be charged postage on their orders unless advised otherwise.
  5. Clubs will be invoiced for their order by SCDA
  6. Terms of payment for SCDA invoices are 14 days from the date of invoice.
  7. Orders cannot be cancelled once placed with publisher.