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National office

National Executive

The executive consists of the National Executive Officers, together with one representative from each of our four divisions. The executive makes the main financial decisions.


Carolyn Harrison

Morna Barron

Morna Barron


Alan Gerrard

Vice Chair
PeterEsson cr

Peter Esson

National Treasurer

Robin Smith

Vice Chair

National Committee

The National Committee consist of the executive, plus a further two representatives from each of the four Divisions, and makes all other decisions.

Together, the Executive and National Committee steer our sub-committees. All sub-committees must get financial approval from the Executive for all projects.  These committees can make recommendations to the National Committee for approval.  The sub-committee Conveners must be members of The National Committee.

National Committee members at  AGM Perth November 2023

National Office


Carole Williams

National Drama Advisor