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Youth Leaders Network

The Youth Leaders Network was launched at the beginning of March 2021 for anyone who interacts with young people and would like to be involved in defining and delivering our national strategy for supporting youth groups.

"At first I wasn’t sure what could be gained from group conversations but after the first session I realised how important it is to get an idea of what everyone else in the sector are doing"
Birchvale Players


Youth teams may be eligible for additional funding (ASK scheme). Visit our youth forms page to find out more.

What is the network for?

Recovery from covid

How do we safely return to activity and be compliant with Government guidelines?

Sharing challenges and successes

Learning from the experiences of one another.

Sharing resources

Funding recommendations, non-SCDA workshops, online resources, books.

Identifying learning opportunities

What workshops or masterclasses can we turn to help develop workshop and facilitation skills.

Amplifying young people in SCDA

Increasing the presence and visibility of young people within SCDA.

What commitment is expected of me?


The network is currently meeting online approximately every two months.


Add resources you think would be useful to SCDA clubs to our shared online document.


Share your club news with other members.

Why should I join?

This is an open and supportive group where people can interact with like-minded individuals from across Scotland.

Current members of the network have already commented on how useful they have found it to share their challenges and get support from other clubs who have often had similar experiences.