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GoDA Youth Bursary


All Youth Groups intending to take part in local festivals are eligible to apply for a bursary of up to £100. Priority will be given to groups looking to take part in a festival for the first time or who need help towards taking part in a festival. Groups can be charities, formally constituted or a not-for-profit voluntary organisations. After school drama groups are able to apply. (Theatre schools with paying studentsand paid staff will not be considered.)

You will need a bank account that is not a personal one. You may have an organisation that can be your representative in this, such as the main adult group overseeing a youth group. We will ask details of that bank account so that if you are awarded money, we can make the bursary payment by BACS. You can apply for a bursary at any time. We will then consider your application and we will tell you our decision within about 4 weeks. It is essential that you tell us the festival you are entering and how a bursary from us can make a difference for your group. The bursary can be used to pay costs such as entry fees, licence fees, the cost of costumes and props.