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Prepare a press release

Writing a press release

After identifying who you would like to review you it is really helpful to have a clear press release providing all of the important information – here are some suggestions

  1.  It needs to be easy to read
  2.  It shouldn’t be too long but make sure there is enough detail. Page 1 should have approximately 250 words with all of the important information and imagery. Any additional copy or information can go on page 2
  3.  Included imagery would preferably be production shots which communicate the play’s narrative. They should be sized around 800 x 470 pixels.
  4.  Copy everything into the main body of an email as reviewers may want to check things on their phone, so attachments aren’t always useful. PDFs in particular can cause issues.
  5.  Naming the cast – ensure that all cast names are included and not misspelled
  6.  Include names of supporting people such as technicians, front of house staff, etc. make sure everyone is recognaised for their work