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Expenses recommendations

The following standard expenses apply to teams appearing in the Scottish Final Festivals and, if agreed by the Divisional Organising Committee, to teams appearing in the Divisional Festivals. Youth groups may in addition be eligible for additional help from the ASK Fund. (see forms Doc -9 ASK Guidance and Form F11 ASK claim)

Where stated, receipts must be submitted along with the Claim Form.


1. Royalty

This will be paid up to a ceiling of £50, provided the receipt is submitted. (See form Doc – 1 section on “Rules of Entry” para 6). If an excerpt, or one-act of a full length play is approved by the author, then clubs should ask if there is a reduced fee.


2. Transport of Scenery and Props

Payments of up to £100 per day will be reimbursed for up to 2 days with a third day at the discretion of the organising committee. The payments are for vehicle hire and/or expenditure on fuel and must be accompanied by receipts.


3. Ferry Costs

Ferry costs necessarily incurred in transporting scenery will be met in full. In practice this means for a van plus driver. The expense claim form has been revised to include such ferry costs.



These are recommendations only. Each organising Committee should assess them in relation to their own circumstances.