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Scott Salver Previous Winners

1971, David M. Orr, Hey Johnnie Cope, Paisley Old Grammarians
1972, James Scotland , Grand Finale
1973, James Scotland, Baptie’s Lass, Aberdeen College of Educ.
1974, Katherine George
1975, James Scotland
1976, George C. (S) Carruthers, Toon Affairs
1977, Alan Richardson, Farewell Ploy
1978, Alan Richardson, The Black Ring
1979, Drummond Mayo
1981, Audrey Evans, So Pitifully Slain
1982, Evelyn Hood
1983, Raymond Taylor
1990, Stewart Harcourt, A Matter of Voices, Creetown Drama Club
1991, Alan Richardson, Perfect Strangers, Denholm Drama Group
1992, Harry Glass, Ships and Sealing Wax, Pool Theatre
1993, Harry Glass, Murphy’s Law (Equal), Pool Theatre
1993, Frances Mackie, If the Slipper Fits (Equal), Eastwood Entertainers
1994, Alistair Ferguson
1995, John Devine, ‘Love and Toothpaste’ Kirkwall Grammar School, Orkney
1996, Mike Tibbetts, Murdering Mum
1997, Harry Glass, A Brief Period of Rejoicing, Pool Theatre
1998, Mike Tibbetts, Little Bro Morning and Big Sis Afternoon
1999, Mike Tibbetts, Tre Amici
2000, Frances Henderson, Fine Men, Newton Stewart Players
2001, Harry Glass, Uncle Jimmy
2002, Harry Glass, Agnes, Accent Players
2003, Stephen Hajducki, Fit to Print, Leitheatre
2004, Mark Rees, Norman is an Island, Crossmichael Drama Club
2005, Peter Whiteley, On Both Your Houses, Tain R.A. Players North
2006, Russell Adams, One For Sorrow, Ury Players
2007, Emma, Louise Akiens, Principle Girls, Stranraer Drama Club
2008, Bob, Davidson, Mayday Mayday Mayday, Atholl Players
2009, Danny McCahon, I have known a Monster, Plamf Players (Mars)
2010, Rebecca Russell, One Day I Met Myself Coming Home, St Serf’s Players
2011, Russell Adams, The Last Piece, Ury Players
2012, Nancy McPherson, Fusion, Kirkton Players
2013, Neil Robertson, You Really Got Me, St Serf’s Players
2014, Mike Tibbetts, Room 342 , Attic Players
2015, Kirkintilloch Youth, Three Men, One War, Kirkintilloch Youth Players
2016, Isabella C. Rae, Such a Parcel of Rogues, Rutherglen Rep
2017, Drew Young, Tryptych, Banchory
2018, Bob Davidson, Signature, BIPS
2019, Mike Tibbetts, Mrs G, FADS