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Cooling down

And, breathe ….

Why Cool Down?

It can be tempting to run your activity up to the final moment and let everyone rush out the door but taking a moment at the end to be together and acknowledge what the group have achieved is a really positive way to finish.  

It always works well to regroup the circle and go around with everyone saying one word or one sentence that represents their experience, something they enjoyed, something they will remember, something they learned, something they hope never to do again – whatever works for you and your group.  Sticking to one question makes it a quick and easy process.

Sometimes it can be as easy as standing in a circle shoulder to shoulder and all taking some breaths together.

Replaying a focus game can also help you can see if the group awareness has grown and they achieve a higher target.

If you want to up the ante, here are a couple of suggestions

  • Create a still image/freeze frame that shows how you felt about the workshop
  • All stand in a line and walk across the room in slow motion but the line has to stay in tact
  • Mexican Wave in slow motion going in both directions
  • Create a Soundscape (see additional reading section)

Another advantage to doing a final cooling down exercise is that parents and carers will thank you for it!

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